October 26, 2007

Oprah interview with Michelle Obama

Oprah interviews Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama. Michelle is amazing. She's smart and grounded, her family and community are her top priorities. She worshiped her father, who lived with MS until he passed barely two years before she married Barack. She's extraordinary in her focus and ability to take on anyone and anything that challenges her. She's joyful, too! Her mother, who lives 15 minutes from their home, helps care for the girls and keeps her rooted to the neighborhood she grew up in, working-class and, until Michelle intervened, totally separated from the university five minutes away.

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Barack Obama Rally Boston 10/23/07

Barack Obama drew another enormous crowd and was endorsed by Mass. Governor Deval Patrick, former member of Bill Clinton's administration and only black governor in the U.S.

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October 22, 2007

Obama takes on immigration, affirmative action in East LA with Latinos

Obama made a concerted effort to stop Gov. Schwarzenegger's veto of The Dream Ac, but Arnold vetoed it anywayt: "That was wrong, ... Instead of driving thousands of children who were on the right path into the shadows, we need to give those who play by the rules the opportunity to succeed." He spoke of the dishonesty in the immigration debate, saying the U.S. would have to stop pursuing violent criminals and thieves to arrest restaurant workers. He didn't back away from voting for voter security, but continued to argue for a legal path for citizenship as the solution for both security and human rights. Obama spoke of affirmative action to reduce dropout rates for black and Latino students, of diversity as our strength.

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October 21, 2007

Radio Station Manager Killed in Somalia

The manager of a radio station critical of both the Somali government and the Islamic militants who have been trying to topple it was killed outside his home - eighth journalist slain in the country this year. Note: US backs through its surrogate, the Ethiopian Army, the Somali government which threatens this radio station with full-out military assault. Yet another pathetic US foreign policy play for profits from others' resources. It leaves the people open to wanton human rights abuses by unelected governments given reign by us just to oppose elected governments we don't like - yes, Somalia elected an Islamic government, this is the price we are forcing it to pay. It's so wrong. Imagine if we all had electric cars 20 years ago, what would this world look like?

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"Senator Barack Obama has quickly caught Senator Hillary Clinton in the presidential election fundraising race, adding $2.1 million via an email campaign in just four days." Nice work from the grassroots and the campaign! Take that, PACs, federal lobbyists, investment banks and military contractors allied with Sen. Clinton! She should have gone with public campaign financing for the primaries against other Democrats. She created the money race to win it decisively; instead, it's one of the starkest contrasts in the race: her insider-funded campaign, even by Rupert Murdoch, against Obama's grassroots campaign. And don't start with bankers and contractors donate to him too. The media does no better job than blogs to differentiate between a company low-level worker and a CEO when it comes to donations, it's the bundlers' donations that tell the true story, and Obama's the only candidate to write and push and pass legislation to expose the bundled donations clearly and put all donation information, to candidates and their pet projects, online. It's up to us to push to see the ethics legislation all funded and implemented.

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Federico Pena Launches Nevada Latinos for Obama

New Latino group for Obama in Nevada is launched by former Clinton-appointee Federico Pena, also the former mayor of Denver, Colorado. Mr. Pena has already vastly improved the Latinos for Obama site, both the English:http://barackobama.com/page/content/latinoshome/and the Spanish/Espanol:http://www.barackobama.com/espanol/

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Our fraying alliance with Turkey - Los Angeles Times

"Ankara's animosity toward the U.S. has its roots in much more than a genocide bill." Good article that lists all the reasons that Turkey, a vital ally in the US occupation of Iraq and current Middle East strategy, but also an applicant to the European Union, has many conflicts with US Middle East and Eurasia policies, and options to impact the US.

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October 20, 2007

RJ Eskow: Campaign vs. Metacampaign: Obama at the Crossroads

So-so. Like all the rest, Eskow ignores/hides all Obama's humanitarian proposals, the concrete plans to fix all we've broken these past two decades. The media gives us and clamors for style not substance, says we only want entertainment, not proof that change requires our own hard work. It certainly won't tell us it's joyful work that gets results!

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Obama balances between different worlds, with skill, courage, civility

"He had no trouble challenging power and challenging people on issues," says Gerald Kellman, the man who hired him to work for the Developing Communities Project. "When it came to face-to-face situations, he valued civility a great deal. When it came to negotiating conflict, he was very good." These are the qualities we want in a world leader! Confident in any setting with people in all walks of life, eager to take on a challenge, a great negotiator and a leader who treats others with respect and civility. What a welcome change! Obama's a very unique mixture of down-to-earth and far-seeing, confident and respectful. He's always genuinely humble but unafraid to take on power, unafraid to hold it and wield it, and totally opposed to wielding it egotistically. No one can deny he's courageous, in the best sense of the word. Anyone who claims he's inexperienced is just willfully ignoring his entire record of 300 bills passed in IL and the best record and ratings of any new Senator in Washington.

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Barack Obama : Smears and Rumors ~ aidan maconachy

Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air in American politics. A lot of the anti-Obama tactics coming from the right are just more neo-con Swift-boat strategies, and they won’t work over the long haul as Obama demonstrates his character and credentials in the political arena. What these tactics will do however, is confirm a lot of Americans in their suspicions of an American right that routinely employs underhanded tactics that undercut the very democratic values the right claims to support.

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Obama leads East Bay cash list

The total reflects individual contributions of $200 or greater but not those of political action committees. So that means that, if you add the PAC contributions to the other candidates, Obama's leading even without them! Article quotes lawyer fundraiser, but loads of that $ came from made in the US union label campaign paraphernalia for outreach!

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October 19, 2007

Clinton Raising Big Cash in Poor Neighborhoods

Yesterday I posted a report of SC Students for Obama in a black college "pressured" to support Clinton, today it's NY's Chinatown. Politics as usual. I volunteer for Obama; we don't do this: Many of Clinton's Chinatown donors said they had contributed because leaders in neighborhood associations told them to. ..., donors said they felt pressured -

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Hillary Clinton Receives Most Military Donations…from the Defense Industry

The ever famed ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ has picked their candidate of choice: Hillary Rodham Clinton. When Hillary takes office, do not be prepared to see an anti-war populist of any sort.

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Students for Obama forced to show support for Clinton in South Carolina

SC Sen. Matthews needed the black students of Claflin U to legitimize his Clinton endorsement. Claflin denied Students for Obama rights to campus outreach, but pressured them to sign Hillary endorsements and wave Clinton signs for the cameras, hardworking enthusiastic Obama supporters! Claflin Students for BO, part of one million voices! Fired Up!! Ready to Go, to Make History! Mark my words: they will not be stopped, for, as Obama says, “Few obstacles can withstand the power of a million voices calling for change.”.

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October 17, 2007

RJ Eskow: "Hillary's Rove" Comes Through for Blackwater

Blackwater is keeping itself in the headlines with a PR blitz, and it's hurting Hillary with her base. While her top campaign adviser and CEO of the PR firm Mr. Penn helps Blackwater CEO Mr. Prince (a very conservative major Rep. donor) with indefensible media support, Democrats are reminded of Rove tactics, only now from a Dem. candidate. Real Change, anyone?

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Clinton Eclipses Obama, Giuliani, Romney in Wall Street Money

Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hillary Clinton raised more money on Wall Street last quarter than Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney combined.Combined! Good grief. It's yet one more point, along with her Iraq and Iran votes and Blackwater connections, that will hurt her facing the Republican if she's chosen - What's the Diff? will be the theme!

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October 16, 2007

"Digg" Barack Obama? Campaign launches new Digg-like Facebook application

Barack Obama's campaign today launched a new version of its Facebook application that lets users vote on relevant news stories, videos, and blog posts, prompting them to share their favorites with friends (especially those in crucial early states like Iowa and New Hampshire). Check it out, vote up your favorites and get them visibility!

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October 15, 2007

Hillary Clinton Backer Terry McAuliffe: Her Iraq Vote Flip Due To Gender

I'd add to the article below: Don't expect Hillary to apologize for Iran resolution, either - not because she's a woman, because she doesn't care how it impact us! Story below:

Terry McAuliffe, who serves as Chair of Clinton's presidential campaign and was Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2001 to 2005, helped shed light on why Clinton will not admit her vote was a mistake during an August 30 appearance at a coffee shop in Grinnell, IA. Abby Rapoport, editor-in-chief of Grinnell College's Scarlet & Black student newspaper, was the only reporter present for McAuliffe's candid conversation, and she quoted him this way in the September 7 issue of the paper: McAuliffe declared that under no circumstances would she take back her vote. “A woman?” he almost yelled. “Can you imagine?”

Iowa Independent has verified from three other attendees of the event that McAuliffe was quoted accurately. Ironically, those attendees also told us that before discussing the connection between Clinton's position on her war vote and her gender, McAuliffe noted that he could only speak so candidly because there were no reporters present -- or so he thought.

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October 14, 2007

3 Democrats woo black "Sisters on Target" in Iowa, Obama gets best reception!

"Obama, who received the loudest response and led the audience in a fiery chant at the end of his talk, also lauded the contributions of African-American women..." Want to truly make history, women voters? Put three black women in the West Wing, light a dream in all girls' eyes equally! Michelle Obama will truly help ALL women and girls, equally. Obama was raised at times in his life by a single mother, he knows what women go through to raise their children. Michelle grew up with working class parents, she has not been a privileged daughter. She and Obama just finished paying off their student loans when he was paid for his books - they were not wealthy privileged people. Obama has two daughters, and they will bring a sight never before seen in America: African American children living in the West Wing! Under the Clinton Administration, we got Welfare Reform that drove more single mothers and sons and daughters into poverty for lack of childcare (even Hillary's old employer, the Children's Defense Fund Executive Director Edelstein says so!). We got Sentencing Guidelines and Three Strikes that were aimed at African Americans disproportionately, including the double-standard sentencing that made penalties for crack cocaine used most in African American communities tougher than powder cocaine used most in white communities. Let's wake up and vote for the man - yes, he's a man, but what of it? - who will do more for women and men of all races, and especially for the poor and middle class, while we still have a middle class to aspire to! Let's vote the Civil Rights and Constitution expert to the presidency, and raise our individual rights back to their proper place in our democratic system - at the top! Vote Obama in the Primary Election in your state - Hillary Clinton won't miss your vote, trust me! Obama will count every one of us, for no one else, no PAC, no lobbyist, will have installed him. Obama 08! Fire Up! Ready to Make History!

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70% of Black Middle Class Contributions Go to Obama

In one neighborhood of 600 zip codes of middle class African Americans, Obama got an overwhelming majority of the contributions; Hillary Clinton received just two. Despite having wrestled the most endorsements from black former civil rights leaders and legislators, Hillary Clinton is not drawing the support of the people they supposedly represent. Obama is. Quite frankly, I prefer the endorsements Sen. Obama has gotten, but as we all know, it's the people who choose in the end.

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October 12, 2007

Barack Obama is the Heir to John F Kennedy's Legacy

John F Kennedy's closest living aide has anointed Barack Obama as the heir to the assassinated president's legacy and predicted that Hillary Clinton would lose an election to a Republican. Kennedy broke down the barrier of becoming the first Roman Catholic president while Mr Obama is vying to become the first black occupant of the Oval Office.

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October 11, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama: Right on Iraq, Right on Iran

Senator Obama has written an Op Ed against the Lieberman/Kyle Amendment, and it's brilliant. Despite Hillary's claims, her vote in 02 giving Bush authority for Iraq's invasion also applies to this terrible Amendment. He gives Edwards credit for opposing it and taking responsibility for his 02 vote (Edwards co-sponsored the Iraq War Resolution and defended it heartily and publicly for 18 months, really, but Obama's polite). He also quotes Biden's statement against the amendment granting Bush authority to attack Iran. Obama shows why he is truly the leader we need - foresight, not only in 2002, but now in 2007. Thank you for speaking out so eloquently against the Lieberman/Kyle Amendment, Senator and future President Obama!

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New York Times Oct. 11, 2007 US Marines Look to be Removed From Iraq

"The New York Times reports today, The Marine Corp is seeking the authority to remove most of the 25,000 Marines in Iraq and re-deploy to Afghanistan. This move would have the Marine Corp take the lead role in combat efforts in Afghanistan, this according to Senior Military and Pentagon Officials." Just as Senator Obama recommended how many months ago? No wonder he gets so many donations from active enlisted personnel! This just goes to show things are a disaster on both war fronts. The Marines never run from a fight, they run to them. This means things in Afghanistan are very, very bad for the troops there. It also means, as Obama has always said (and Hillary is lately parroting) that there is no military solution in Iraq. The Army will be left to mop up the mess. If only we kept better track of our arms dealers, so many lives would be spared, so much insanity averted.

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Is Obama Ready for the Presidency

Opinion piece by Ruben Navarrette Jr. with the observation that Obama is the same age that Bill Clinton was when he became president. Rightly so, it paints Bill in a bad light for going on the attack against Obama on the very issue he ran on for president - experience that counts, not experience in Washington, DC. It's quite fun to read Ruben Navarette's statements when Bill Clinton ran, and how he voted for him for having the qualities Obama shows. Ruben also points to Bill's malleable morals as an unfavorable comparison to Obama's firm ethical principles.

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Clinton Agrees with Obama on Cuba Policy - Bill Clinton, that is.

"As he continued to sign books, Clinton waxed eloquent about the merits of his pre-1996 policy of promoting democracy via people-to-people contact between Cuban-Americans and ordinary citizens on the island. Then he returned to my initial question about what he thinks of Obama's Cuban initiative. "So I think it's a good idea," he concluded w/smile." The article's from the Village Voice, with a very unflattering satirical illustration of Hillary in a guayabera holding a mic. Seems like there's always a Clinton agreeing with Obama, in the long-run. It reveals Hillary's wicked double-standard: undocumented immigrants should be kept united with their U.S. citizen families, but Cuban immigrants, even if U.S. citizens are restricted on travel to see their families in Cuba only every three years, emergency or not, and limits on the money they send them.

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October 10, 2007

Linda Hansen: Barack Obama Rallies Rock Hill, South Carolina

Obama is not beaten, not even cowed. He bounced "into the ring" so to speak, in S. Carolina, and his Oct. 15th event is sold out. He's thrown out the stump speech and is converting the Undecideds with his authentic self, and a tough push against Hillary and the "naive" "inexperienced" labels. Fired Up! No Surrender! Ready to Win!

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October 8, 2007

Clinton Can't Believe Ordinary Citizens Fault Her Iran Vote

Rolph once again challenged her recent vote, suggesting that it amounted to giving Bush a free hand.. "I'm sorry, sir, it does not," she said, her voice showing her exasperation. "No, no, let me just say one other thing because I respect your research. There was an earlier version that I opposed. It was dramatically changed ..."fyi, the "dramatic change" Hillary says she voted for still gives Bush/Cheney all they wanted. Obama didn't get to cast his "No" vote because after Sen. Reid said there'd be no vote that day, after Obama left to campaign, Reid held a vote, minus the Webb language to remove threat of military action against Iran.

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October 6, 2007

Elect Hilary, Go to War with Iran

In case you missed it, check out the latest bit of legislation Mrs. Clinton supported.

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October 5, 2007

Hillary over 50%? Not Likely! Experts see a bit of a fluke!

Pollster.com does the most in-depth analysis of political polls available to the general public online. It's detected a fluke in the ABC/Post poll that showed Hillary Clinton gaining 10 points to pass 50% - 52% to be exact. Turns out it's not so exact. When polls that offer Al Gore as an option are re-calibrated, it turns out Hillary is at about 42%, not 52%. Over the next month it will be clearer. Obama polled 30% when he won with 52% in Illinois!

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Obama: Blocking the fox from the henhouse at Federal Elections Commission

Obama blocks yet another bad deal almost passed between Non-Leader Harry Reid and Republicans. This time the most anti-Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bush nominee imaginable was almost given a pass to head the FEC, but Obama objected and derailed another gift to Bush/Cheney. The appointment would be an Ode to Alberto Gonzalez. Hillary? No fight. Senator Obama is the best candidate in 08 to defend our Civil and Voting Rights.

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October 4, 2007

Clinton on cruise control? Not yet. Obama's the Comeback Kid!

Stop the victory dance, Clintonistas, we've only just begun to fight! Obama polled at 30% before his IL Senate election; he got 52% of the vote, the first to sweep every region in the state! Illinois is not NY. It's in the heartland, it's a big heavily-populated state with diverse ethnicities, and it has everything from big cities to rural and mining regions. If anyone bothers to read the polls in detail, what they all say is that 55% have not decided, only about 17% are firmly with their candidate. At Camp Obama, this 50-yr-old Hispanic female U.S. citizen Democratic-leaning-Independent, U.S.-born-and-raised of parents from a U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico, worked all weekend alongside folks here for generations of all ages, some who had ancestors in the Civil War - like Obama, whose great-grandad fought for Lincoln! - and alongside a U.S.-born/raised Republican daughter of Samoan parents - another U.S. Territory - who is half my age to help elect Obama. California is one-third Undeclared/Independent voters. It's rural, as well as cosmopolitan. It's got many military bases filled of those who serve and sacrifice, who have donated so much of their hard-earned money to Obama. It's got lots and lots of veterans of too many wars, grateful for Obama's support and foreign policy approach. The polls don't worry us here. We're as down to earth about what we read in the media as anyone in Iowa. We know New Hampshire's very, very Independent. We know we're very, very determined and working very, very hard to put smart, sane, down-to-earth Obama in the White House. We know we've matched the lobbyist and PAC donations of Hillary almost dollar-for-dollar, an amazing feat for an upstart up against a 17-year legacy. We'll keep putting out and bringing in those $10, $25, $50, $100 donations, buying window signs to give to supporters to show the world a real political poll! We can't wait, we won't wait, it's O in 08!

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Barack Obama: Experts Praise Barack Obama on Good Judgment

We can let Hillary back in to commit the same old blunders or vote for Obama to keep us from adding to our regrets. September Obama spoke against escalating threats against Iran; in October Hillary voted for the Lieberman/Kyle Amendment to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guard terrorists and up the ante. We need a Commander in Chief worthy of the title, not a mouthpiece for the military contract lobby, foreign and domestic. The Clintons, after all, gave Blackwater their first contract.

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Obama revives spirit of nuclear treaty

Ending nuclear proliferation instead of adding to it - Go Obama 08! Like JFK, a new road for America!In what was his most distinctive foreign policy speech so far, Mr Obama drew a parallel between his campaign and the presidency of John F. Kennedy, who first negotiated the nuclear weapons control that led to the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1969.

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