October 21, 2007


"Senator Barack Obama has quickly caught Senator Hillary Clinton in the presidential election fundraising race, adding $2.1 million via an email campaign in just four days." Nice work from the grassroots and the campaign! Take that, PACs, federal lobbyists, investment banks and military contractors allied with Sen. Clinton! She should have gone with public campaign financing for the primaries against other Democrats. She created the money race to win it decisively; instead, it's one of the starkest contrasts in the race: her insider-funded campaign, even by Rupert Murdoch, against Obama's grassroots campaign. And don't start with bankers and contractors donate to him too. The media does no better job than blogs to differentiate between a company low-level worker and a CEO when it comes to donations, it's the bundlers' donations that tell the true story, and Obama's the only candidate to write and push and pass legislation to expose the bundled donations clearly and put all donation information, to candidates and their pet projects, online. It's up to us to push to see the ethics legislation all funded and implemented.

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