August 18, 2008

Progressives and Obama: A Clash of Narratives

Good critique by progressive writer and activist Norman Solomon, of how counterproductive it is for progressives to dismiss Obama and oppose his candidacy because he is not obeying their non-party line. I would add that neo-cons who don't trust McCain are not making the same mistake.

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The Truth About McCain's Swift Boat Economics

There's no truth to Senator McCain's Swift boat ads on economics. In Swift boat country, there is no place for truth. McCain knows he can say anything he wants, regardless of how untrue it is, and his claim will be treated seriously by the media.

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August 16, 2008

Swift Boat Author Smears Self

Buy Obama's Dreams from My Father in hardcover for everyone you know, now, and push the liar Corsi's book off No. 1 in hardcover bestsellers. The neocons are buying Corsi's book by the palette - in mass bulk - so let's not let that Corsi book be a reflection of what Americans like to read. Get yourself the iTunes audio book if you haven't yet - it won an Emmy for Obama's great and very personal reading!
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