August 29, 2009


If we do not get a public option, we will pay billions of dollars in subsidies to private insurers only. 80% of people with no health insurance work, and rightfully, they will get subsidies.

Wrongfully, all that subsidy money paid with your taxes will go to private insurers, and pay for not only health care, but also for:

. Salaries of $20-$25 million for private insurance CEOs

. Perks like private jets, bonuses, and stock shares often worth over $100 million for those CEOs

No government employee gets millions of dollars a year, and perks and stock shares worth over $100 million.

. Your firefighter, police, highway patrol do not make $25 million a year.

. Your congressmen don’t make $25 million a year.

. Your President of the United States does not make $25 million/year.

. Your Medicare, VA and Medicaid bureaucrats do not make $25 million/year.

Your tax dollars pay the salaries of all those people. None of them demand millions of dollars in salary, but they’re there when you need them.

Fighting to kill a public option means you are fighting to give billions of dollars to the same private insurance industry that has:

- Bankrupted hundreds of thousands, if not millions of families throughout the country

- Denied care and let hundreds of thousands of Americans die of preventable or controllable diseases in the past decade alone

If we are going to give up the public option in the name of “compromise” – though we have already compromised and given up single-payer health insurance like Medicare for all – then we are giving our tax dollars away so that private insurance big-wigs can live like fattened hogs.

If you won’t fight for the public option, prepare for the private insurers to make billions from your tax dollars. Getting a piece of those insurance companies is the only chance you have of not ending up broke and retiring in poverty. Because as a taxpayer, you can do absolutely nothing to control the wages of private corporate CEOs.

Democratic representatives and senators think they can bargain away the public option and stay in office. Can they?

- Will you vote for them?

- Will you give them your free labor by making phone calls, registering voters, knocking on doors to get them elected?

- Will you donate a single dime to them?

If you won’t, you have to tell them so. They expect zero consequences for giving away the public option, and giving away billions in tax dollars to private insurers only.

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