September 28, 2007

Obama takes on Hillary and Democratic rivals in NY

Video snippet includes Obama saying that anyone saying we can just walk out of Iraq with no consequences is not truthful, anyone claiming Social Security will be fine without raising taxes isn't truthful. For those of you wanting him to confront Clinton, this is it and this is how it'll be - it's the policies and the honesty that set him apart.

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Iraq War: "Never Coming Home" [Photo Essay]

Slide show from photographer Andrew Lichtenstein's new book tells the real story of loss when the soldiers, sailors, airmen and women and Marines don't come back. Immensely sad snapshots of the deepest loss, from the military funerals to the homes of bereft mothers, fathers, wives, children, siblings, and no doubt husbands. If you want to thaw a pro-war heart this holiday season, buy him/her this book. Definitely get it for the veterans and their families. It's so respectful - what a welcome change from how our Vietnam veterans were treated! Sure, everyone wearing the uniform isn't a saint, but most are just regular people, and no one deserves to be left behind with such emptiness where someone they loved used to be, and for such a cruel reason - power and oil.

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September 25, 2007

Clinton gave Blackwater its first contract in 2000 - Will Hillary continue?

"Blackwater landed its first big contract during the Clinton administration. Would Hillary Clinton be likely to scale back or possibly eradicate the Blackwater contract if elected?" I'd expect she gets lots of campaign donations from Blackwater, as she gets millions from military lobbyists and bundlers. Donations and contracts go together.

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John Lombardi: Bad Day at Blackwater

The added obscenity about Blackwater few ever mention (why, I wonder?) is that it got its first federal contract in 2000 under the Clinton Administration. See Jeremy Scahill's book talk on YouTube, 2 min. into the video, blink and you'll miss it! Why did Clinton give them their first federal contract?

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Congress to Address Oversight for Security Contractors (Sen. Barack Obama)

Obama speaks again on the contractor fiasco in Iraq, with a reminder of his amendment "Transparency and Accountability in Military and Security Contracting Act (S. 674)" to the defense appropriations bill to make contractors accountable for crimes, make them coordinate with troops, and document all the contractors and their expenses.

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Stop Lieberman From SNEAKING An Iran War Declaration Through The Senate

No, we are not kidding. He has drafted language that any impartial observer would interpret as a DECLARATION OF WAR against Iran, and he is pressing for a vote as fast as possible. Take action from this site!

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Durbin, Obama want VA to explain deaths at Marion hospital -

"Sens. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama want the secretary of Veterans Affairs to explain how a surgeon with a history of malpractice complaints in Massachusetts was hired at a VA medical facility in Southern Illinois." Yet another example of how little this administration cares about our veterans, killing them with malpractice!

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Obama's troops seek Nevada voters one at a time - Los Angeles Times

Obama's campaign set up a neighboring states strategy and his devoted volunteers are driving into Nevada from every direction. They're paired up with Nevada natives to avoid the mistakes made by Dean's campaign in Iowa. Hopes are that Nevadan campaigners will help in California when their primary caucus is over.

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Obama, Jackson have different approaches on race issue - The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON - Of all political marriages of convenience, the union of Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a fellow Chicagoan, is among the most freighted. The two men need each other's support, yet also need to keep their distance. Each serves as a standing critique of the other, yet they profess to share similar goals.

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September 23, 2007

Campaign Lessons: Delegates add up for second choice, enough to beat #1

Nice lesson in how campaigns are won in the field, and one taught well in Camp Obama. It's a major reason polling second this early's no sweat; a close second will get 2 out of 5 delegates, and a weak first can't sweep. Add a strong third and the lead for first gets weaker. Also explains why HC now parrots Obama's phrases and laid off attacking.

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Independent Voters Tilt Toward Democrats

Great news for Obama, as he gets the most Independent and moderate Republican votes of any of the frontrunners! Look out, New Hampshire's going to O in 08! Almost half (44%) of their voters are Independent and can vote in the Dem. primary!

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Obama's Foreign Policy Aide Lt. Lippert, Deployed to Iraq

Naval Reservist Lt. Mark Lippert is finishing up his training for his Iraq deployment. Awaiting his safe return will be not only his family and fiance, but Sen. Obama, whose campaign he's been advising. Lt. Lippert's focus: genocide and weapons of mass destruction, threats from transnational groups. A great advisor; he'll be missed. Come back safe!

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September 11, 2007

Obama Speech in San Francisco

Full video of Obama's speech at the California Women for Obama event in San Francisco on Sept. 7, 2007. Marvelous diversity of women on the stage. The balconies were full of volunteers, but there aren't any shots of them by CBS. Great video! - Video Library Read more!

September 7, 2007

Black Women for Obama Joins Movement for Change

The organization Black Women for Barack Obama is now official and national. Chapters are starting in several states with large African American populations, as well as in the first four primary states. Black Women for Obama Joins Movement for Change Read more!