September 28, 2007

Iraq War: "Never Coming Home" [Photo Essay]

Slide show from photographer Andrew Lichtenstein's new book tells the real story of loss when the soldiers, sailors, airmen and women and Marines don't come back. Immensely sad snapshots of the deepest loss, from the military funerals to the homes of bereft mothers, fathers, wives, children, siblings, and no doubt husbands. If you want to thaw a pro-war heart this holiday season, buy him/her this book. Definitely get it for the veterans and their families. It's so respectful - what a welcome change from how our Vietnam veterans were treated! Sure, everyone wearing the uniform isn't a saint, but most are just regular people, and no one deserves to be left behind with such emptiness where someone they loved used to be, and for such a cruel reason - power and oil.

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