October 11, 2007

Clinton Agrees with Obama on Cuba Policy - Bill Clinton, that is.

"As he continued to sign books, Clinton waxed eloquent about the merits of his pre-1996 policy of promoting democracy via people-to-people contact between Cuban-Americans and ordinary citizens on the island. Then he returned to my initial question about what he thinks of Obama's Cuban initiative. "So I think it's a good idea," he concluded w/smile." The article's from the Village Voice, with a very unflattering satirical illustration of Hillary in a guayabera holding a mic. Seems like there's always a Clinton agreeing with Obama, in the long-run. It reveals Hillary's wicked double-standard: undocumented immigrants should be kept united with their U.S. citizen families, but Cuban immigrants, even if U.S. citizens are restricted on travel to see their families in Cuba only every three years, emergency or not, and limits on the money they send them.

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