October 4, 2007

Clinton on cruise control? Not yet. Obama's the Comeback Kid!

Stop the victory dance, Clintonistas, we've only just begun to fight! Obama polled at 30% before his IL Senate election; he got 52% of the vote, the first to sweep every region in the state! Illinois is not NY. It's in the heartland, it's a big heavily-populated state with diverse ethnicities, and it has everything from big cities to rural and mining regions. If anyone bothers to read the polls in detail, what they all say is that 55% have not decided, only about 17% are firmly with their candidate. At Camp Obama, this 50-yr-old Hispanic female U.S. citizen Democratic-leaning-Independent, U.S.-born-and-raised of parents from a U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico, worked all weekend alongside folks here for generations of all ages, some who had ancestors in the Civil War - like Obama, whose great-grandad fought for Lincoln! - and alongside a U.S.-born/raised Republican daughter of Samoan parents - another U.S. Territory - who is half my age to help elect Obama. California is one-third Undeclared/Independent voters. It's rural, as well as cosmopolitan. It's got many military bases filled of those who serve and sacrifice, who have donated so much of their hard-earned money to Obama. It's got lots and lots of veterans of too many wars, grateful for Obama's support and foreign policy approach. The polls don't worry us here. We're as down to earth about what we read in the media as anyone in Iowa. We know New Hampshire's very, very Independent. We know we're very, very determined and working very, very hard to put smart, sane, down-to-earth Obama in the White House. We know we've matched the lobbyist and PAC donations of Hillary almost dollar-for-dollar, an amazing feat for an upstart up against a 17-year legacy. We'll keep putting out and bringing in those $10, $25, $50, $100 donations, buying window signs to give to supporters to show the world a real political poll! We can't wait, we won't wait, it's O in 08!

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