October 20, 2007

Obama balances between different worlds, with skill, courage, civility

"He had no trouble challenging power and challenging people on issues," says Gerald Kellman, the man who hired him to work for the Developing Communities Project. "When it came to face-to-face situations, he valued civility a great deal. When it came to negotiating conflict, he was very good." These are the qualities we want in a world leader! Confident in any setting with people in all walks of life, eager to take on a challenge, a great negotiator and a leader who treats others with respect and civility. What a welcome change! Obama's a very unique mixture of down-to-earth and far-seeing, confident and respectful. He's always genuinely humble but unafraid to take on power, unafraid to hold it and wield it, and totally opposed to wielding it egotistically. No one can deny he's courageous, in the best sense of the word. Anyone who claims he's inexperienced is just willfully ignoring his entire record of 300 bills passed in IL and the best record and ratings of any new Senator in Washington.

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