October 14, 2007

3 Democrats woo black "Sisters on Target" in Iowa, Obama gets best reception!

"Obama, who received the loudest response and led the audience in a fiery chant at the end of his talk, also lauded the contributions of African-American women..." Want to truly make history, women voters? Put three black women in the West Wing, light a dream in all girls' eyes equally! Michelle Obama will truly help ALL women and girls, equally. Obama was raised at times in his life by a single mother, he knows what women go through to raise their children. Michelle grew up with working class parents, she has not been a privileged daughter. She and Obama just finished paying off their student loans when he was paid for his books - they were not wealthy privileged people. Obama has two daughters, and they will bring a sight never before seen in America: African American children living in the West Wing! Under the Clinton Administration, we got Welfare Reform that drove more single mothers and sons and daughters into poverty for lack of childcare (even Hillary's old employer, the Children's Defense Fund Executive Director Edelstein says so!). We got Sentencing Guidelines and Three Strikes that were aimed at African Americans disproportionately, including the double-standard sentencing that made penalties for crack cocaine used most in African American communities tougher than powder cocaine used most in white communities. Let's wake up and vote for the man - yes, he's a man, but what of it? - who will do more for women and men of all races, and especially for the poor and middle class, while we still have a middle class to aspire to! Let's vote the Civil Rights and Constitution expert to the presidency, and raise our individual rights back to their proper place in our democratic system - at the top! Vote Obama in the Primary Election in your state - Hillary Clinton won't miss your vote, trust me! Obama will count every one of us, for no one else, no PAC, no lobbyist, will have installed him. Obama 08! Fire Up! Ready to Make History!

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