October 11, 2007

New York Times Oct. 11, 2007 US Marines Look to be Removed From Iraq

"The New York Times reports today, The Marine Corp is seeking the authority to remove most of the 25,000 Marines in Iraq and re-deploy to Afghanistan. This move would have the Marine Corp take the lead role in combat efforts in Afghanistan, this according to Senior Military and Pentagon Officials." Just as Senator Obama recommended how many months ago? No wonder he gets so many donations from active enlisted personnel! This just goes to show things are a disaster on both war fronts. The Marines never run from a fight, they run to them. This means things in Afghanistan are very, very bad for the troops there. It also means, as Obama has always said (and Hillary is lately parroting) that there is no military solution in Iraq. The Army will be left to mop up the mess. If only we kept better track of our arms dealers, so many lives would be spared, so much insanity averted.

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