June 30, 2008

Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying

About Barack Obama
Do you refuse to acknowledge that thousands of those group members have zero activity in the past 18 months of this campaign? And, on phonebanking, I did it from Iowa to Kentucky, including Guam and PR, and had problems with only two states getting repeat calls. The vast majority of calls made phonebanking are always voicemails, hang-ups, not-home, and it is for the 2 in 10 we can converse with that we make thousands of calls.

I took a lot of abuse, esp in W VA and PA, but a hitch in the system and people's rudeness were no deterrent. I hobbled around canvassing in five cities in my district, on a cane, and each canvas took days of healing to recover from. I did 15 14-16 hr days in TX which show up nowhere on MyBO too. So, are my thoughts on FISA any less valid?
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