June 30, 2008

Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying

About Barack Obama
You're right, I was bleary-eyed and missed all the other 21 pages, but among the more than 5000 members now, it's clear as a bell that over 4500 have done little or nothing before on MyBO. You can tell by how many points they have, how many friends they have, how many groups they belong to, how much money they've donated/raised - easily investigated by clicking on the name of any of the members.

MyBO is not a purely socializing site, it's a serious activism site. Every phonebanking call made through MyBO gets a point, as does every event attended/posted, every donation made, every purchase made through his store.

These lemmings have been MIA in the 18 months of primary battle, and now want to dictate the terms for the only candidate we've got who won't send us into WW III. I am too, too disgusted, but as usual, they'll be on to the next issue and never unglue themselves from the computer screen, and the million-plus-and-growing real workers on this campaign will keep on keepin' on.
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