June 30, 2008

Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying

About Barack Obama
You know, that sounds good, but here's the reality, again. There are anti-drug laws, but there are illegal drug users and drug dealers. There are anti-gun laws but there are illegal guns and gun dealers. There have been and will be anti-domestic spying laws (notice no one among these progressives cares about foreign spying), but there will still be domestic spying.

With no accountability for crimes against humanity that have cost thousands of lives here and millions of lives abroad, wotj crimes against the environment that have cost thousands of lives, crimes against our civil liberties and rights that have turned the entire Constitution into a joke, not just one Article or Amendment, why do you think there will be accountability for spying on emails and phone calls?

With only 38 million eligible voters actually voting in this record-breaking primary, and almost 100 million more sitting by doing nothing - not even voting yet - why gnash your teeth believing this will be the issue that makes people rise up? After they've gotten away with torture? With eliminating habeas corpus? The net roots hasn't struck down the latter, but the Supreme Court did. Who do you want appointing Justices to the Supreme Court. Our next POTUS appoints at least two.
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