June 30, 2008

Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying

About Barack Obama
... and unless they're going in circles, and obeying prescribed march routes, and letting themselves get segregated in "free speech areas". And fighting windmills, of course, because, reality: spying is a standard operating procedure, has always been and will always be - until we're too broke to even do that to our own people, we'll be busting them, they'll be denying and paying their way out of any penalties, we'll pass more laws, and they'll keep breaking them.

And again, this has been going on blatantly in the Drug War for decades - where were the progressives all that time? Does it only matter when illegal spying hits the expensive computers, not when it's in the poorest ghettos? A whole HBO series, The Wire, makes it obvious the law never serves the common person. What's news, here, folks, really? If there's no change at the top, how can this really ever change?
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