June 30, 2008

Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying

About Barack Obama
Good quote, but misapplied. It can better apply to all the shouting going on over an issue we cannot possibly change or control without control of the White House. The Congress cannot stop illegal spying - it's being done by the most secret agencies in government. The courts with Bush-appointed judges will not stop illegal spying.

Honestly, if people were consistent and sincere, if they hadn't stopped fighting the Patriot Act, I'd work on the FISA issue more, but it's a waste of my time. In 2 weeks, there will be no more words about it, and there will be a new net outrage diatribe, and it's frankly totally predictable and inconclusive each time. Yet for the first time, I've got buddies sticking to and putting sweat equity into one issue for over 18 months now - getting Obama elected.

Don't help get Obama in, let him barely squeak through if at all - without a mandate, even a POTUS can't override the Pentagon. Go see how that turned out for John Kennedy, RIP.

I want to end the decimation of our rights, have wanted to for decades, since the Drug Laws confiscated property, spied, Jim Crow'd millions out of their voting rights, financial aid, even housing and food stamps. That's why I work to get Barack elected. None of the others, none (I volunteered for Kucinich in 04) care as deeply or have done as much to protect the defenseless from abuse of power by authorities as Barack.
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