March 23, 2009

CNBC Host Mark Haines: Attention To Executive Pay Is "Getting Scary" (VIDEO)

Burn up the phone lines at CNBC World (201) 735-4243, record your message to them.

Every single day, twice a day, more if you can. Do not allow them to go unanswered. No swearing, just voice your disgust. Tell them they are the ones destroying capitalism, they are the ones who get paid millions for destroying the system they need to survive. They should get rewarded by shares based on verifiable, not rumor-fed profits - no profits for the company, none for them. We all have to live by a merit system, no exceptions, least of all for brokers and CEOs who crippled the world economy. It's time we end the invest-to-get-rich scam that's left retirement accounts nearly empty, and go back to saving and earning dividends for intelligent value-added production instead of short-selling on manipulated stocks that profit insiders-only.
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