July 2, 2008

Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying

About Barack Obama
Go YouTube it, he says the same as he's always said - troops come home, as carefully as Bush was careless sending them in. And you know the whole reason the media, owned by the same people as the telecoms, are trying to make him look bad and the giddy left buys it from the people owned by the military industrial complex, for pity's sake? Because he will destroy their monopolies, read his telecom policies, and he will cost them millions, read his campaign finance reform that gives equal air time to all candidates on the ballot to end raising millions from millionaires to pay a media that lies to us the 23 hrs 59 minutes not paid for in our own ads.

I am definitely smelling cooptation. I refuse to believe the progressive writers have all lost their minds and never read Obama's outrageously detailed 40 page plan. It's obvious to me the MSM and telecom/military/oil/insurance barons (usually the owners of all five industries) did, and they saw his lauded speech to Google in 07.
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