July 1, 2008

Memo to Obama: Moving to the Middle is for Losers

About Barack Obama
This Sat 150 regular working people, students and retirees came to sign up, work for Barack for free, in a community that's not been marching against war, or petitioning for impeachment, regular people with full lives who hate what this administration does. Monday after work, a father and his daughter, my Puerto Rican compatriots I'd never met before, came to an Obama meeting, where there was also an 80-year-old white woman rooted in this community, who's worked free for the local Democratic Club for decades. The PR man's daughter brought her boyfriend, sweet white guy, both just graduated. I'm teaching the young couple to register voters at summer school. There was a beautiful white woman, web designer, and a lovely Asian woman former Hawaii-native fundraiser extraordinaire, and a retired professor, white male.

These are the people who will change things. They are the middle-left. It exists, it's large, and it's never found a reason to get involved. They don't want to match and overwhelm the stridency of the right. They want a rational, compassionate administration that, like them, lives with contradictions, as we do.

This ain't American Idol, we're not looking for a four-year crush on an American-Che. People are threatening to withhold money, votes, but not work. They didn't work. And it's the work that truly changes things.
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