June 29, 2008

Oh I Get It, The Left Just Doesn't Want to Win This Year

About John McCain
Thank you, those are great suggestions to take action. I'll definitely do the ones I haven't done already. And yep, Barack's imperfect, but unless we want to be The Borg, imperfect leaders are all we'll ever have. In terms of lesser weevils, Barack's too far from the weevil category still to fall into those blues. He's already done more good for me and people like me and mine than that horror McCain ever has or will do.

Let the left pine. My black grand-nephews and nieces, my black family, my black communities, are still proud and more enthused than ever before - because Barack is not a lesser weevil, and lord knows we've voted (and tried but failed to vote) enough of those in to know. I read both his books, I expected him to be tactical and compromise to achieve concrete goals. It's because he is not an idealogue, but is radically principled and pragmatic, that I work so hard for him. And on this issue, spying, please, I'm 50, and have an FBI file 34 years thick - every activist and politician does and always has. My massively redacted FBI file is my pride and joy. I'm amazed I can still fly.
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