June 28, 2008

Oh I Get It, The Left Just Doesn't Want to Win This Year

About John McCain
I'll say it over and over again - where was the outrage when this same surveillance was illegally made a standard operating procedure in ghettos? The hypocrisy reeks, and expecting the black male candidate who is facing more than most of these posters and critics can imagine in his effort to be seen as a human being, never mind a man, never mind a leader, is just smug and looks it - and that's not an attractive look!

I do a lot more than read and blog, I've called voters from Iowa to Kentucky, including Guam and Puerto Rico. I can't begin to count how many, when I gain their confidence, almost whisper "But I'm afraid if he gets in all the black people will rise up!" - in English and in Spanish.

Or maybe it's ignorance, as if this spying hasn't been going on for decades. That's also not an attractive look, so read a history book, like The FBI and Martin Luther King Jr.

Again, do you honestly believe taking these people to court will stop their spying? Do you? I have a bridge I want you to see, I swear, you can't live another day without owning it!
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