June 30, 2008

Obama Undercuts His Brand

About Barack Obama
The corporate Dems and Republicans are laughing themselves sick reading these comments. The corporate Dems are the DLC and Blue Dog Dems. Obama refused to be a member of either group. Do you honestly believe those oil and arms lobbyist-controlled congressman are and their war chests [literally] and their MSM are going to let Obama "win this one hands down" without your help?

Obama is the only one who can win and has done all this without the oil and arms lobbyists. Let McCain get elected, and my family is out of here and you can stay and get drafted by McBush. Cheney's so excited by the prospect, he's probably having to get his pacemaker adjusted every time he reads these pitiful comments. "Drag Bush into court" ! We can't even get his staffers to testify before congress! What do you think Bush's lawyers will do in Bush's judges' courts? The 2000 election, anyone?

People are so jive and never stick to one goal, before running off screaming "The sky is falling!" over some new MSM-directed "revelation". Get real. Get focused. Get ready to take your country back. It takes work, sometimes tiring, repetitive, even exhausting work. It takes showing up and talking to people. We don't do it because it's so hard, we do it because it's so rewarding. Sharing a meal yesterday with over 100 regular people who are working for Obama every way they can is the only reason any of this is bearable.
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