June 30, 2008

Obama Undercuts His Brand

About Barack Obama
All good suggestions of relevant security issues, but Obama has made those an issue and has been ignored by the media when he did. Security and "terrorism" are still his weakest areas to most voters and giving the neo-cons fuel to label him as weak is a valid concern.

Also, we are always spied on, have been spied on every day of my 50 years on this earth. When I was young they were easier to spot; they're better-trained now. The only thing that makes a difference is not laws - which spy agencies promptly ignore and are allowed to cover up for decades after - but a POTUS who has a firm hold of all those spy agencies.

I have an FBI file with entries for almost every demonstration I ever attended, every petition I ever signed, every group I ever joined, my college papers, printed articles, every comment I've ever made on blogs too, no doubt. Spies don't stop spying because Congress passes a law.

Remember the MSM loses when Obama wins. He vowed to give free air time on TV and radio equally to all candidates who make the ballot. MSM will lose millions - or more.
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