June 8, 2007

TALK RADIO AND C-SPAN: Don't Just Listen/Watch - Call In and Represent!

I'm a progressive talk-radio junkie, especially call-in radio (Response from my fellows in 12-Step: Hi VCubed!). I confess also that, at 4 a.m. California-time, I'm tuning in online to C-SPAN to watch/hear Washington Journal, sometimes staying awake for three hours of call-ins (with a few guests, news reviews interspersed). Obviously I don’t work days.

I'd like to encourage all you good folks to call in to those shows and help people learn what Obama’s candidacy is about. If we don’t, for 24 hours a day on some of these stations, people who know nothing about him or have been misinformed will keep getting false information from callers who support Republicans or other Democrats. Those programs reach tens if not hundreds of thousands of people across the country at any given time. I'd love it if sweeter, calmer, mellower people than I would call in and represent.

Gather up a few relevant points and speak up for Obama! Check out the phone numbers and websites at the end of this post and give it a whirl! It’s easier than you think – at least there are no cameras!

Tonight/this morning I was driven to call in and clarify Obama’s healthcare plan (see my blog below) – that is, whenever that particular over-caffeinated radio jock who supports a Democrat-other-than-Obama let me get a word in edgewise – but there are lots of other issues to speak up on:

Obama is all fluff - Wrong. He has proposed all kinds of policies and, more important to judge his record, legislation. If his Democratic competitors and Republican opponents (and some political players) claim he isn't substantive, it’s just a common tactic, it doesn't make it so.

Obama's healthcare plan doesn't cover everyone - Wrong. Often Obama's plan is compared to Edwards'. As a Medicare client I can testify that Medicare-for-All means no vision insurance/provision, no hearing aids, no dental without huge copays and deductibles, if at all! It means limited services and only partial payment to the provider, so no one wants to see you coming. Obama's plan is what I had as a working woman and mother in the 70s and 80s: a choice of full PPO coverage with small co-pays, my choice of doctor/specialist, and almost all the dental, vision, hearing, orthopedic, etc. stuff Medicare doesn’t cover! Obama's plan subsidizes those who can't afford it, after controlling costs with group rates and eliminating waste and the unholy influence of the pharmaceutical and HMO industries.

Obama's no different from the other candidates - Wrong. On foreign policy, only Obama mentioned something that I think most of us feel is very important and that our next President must change: We must stop being the world's arms dealer, and arming both sides of conflicts. He said this in his 2002 speech against the Iraq War. I was stunned and relieved that he addressed what I think is the most relevant issue when it comes to war, along with oil and resources: arms sales.

On domestic policy, Obama is pushing the Second Chance Act and publicizing it (unlike Joe Biden, another Democratic candidate but one who doesn't mention he sponsored it this year). The Second Chance Act Obama co-sponsored (call your Senators and Reps and support it!) provides and funds programs to help ex-offenders who are in our communities already to prepare for, find and keep jobs. How much will that change the pathetic economies in our poor, especially racial- or ethnic-profiled neighborhoods? Plenty, I think.

You get the idea. Tactically speaking, start your chat with props to the host/hostess and agreement with something they said to open without a ready conflict or prepared rhetoric. Have your phone fully charged; you usually wait anywhere from 30-45 minutes! Now here are the contact numbers/websites:

C-SPAN Washington Journal (on cable and online http://c-span.org/
Be honest about Party affiliation – Host will try to snag scammers!

Support Democrats:
(202) 737-0002

Support Independents:
(202) 628-0205

Support Republicans:
(202) 737-0001

Nova M : (800) 989-1480, 602-258-8800
Air America Phoenix Toll Free: 800-989-1480
Air America Radio: 866-303-2270
To record a comment that might/might not air:
Air America Comment Line : 602-297-6642

Nova M Radio Affiliates:
KPHX 1480 AM Phoenix AZ www.1480kphx.com
WINZ 940 AM South Florida FL www.supertalk940.com
KQKE 960 AM San Francisco CA www.quakeradio.com
KSAC 1240 AM Sacramento CA www.1240talkcity.com
SIRIUS 146 CH Sirius Left USA www.sirius.com
KPTK 1090 AM SeattleWA www.am1090seattle.com
KLSD 1360 AM San Diego CA www.1360klsd.com
KYNS 1340 AM San Luis Obispo CA www.1340kyns.com
KGOE 1480 AM Eureka CA www.kgoe.com
KTNF 950 AM Minneapolis MN www.950airamerica.com
XM Coming Soon USA www.xmradio.com
WCPT 850 AM Chicago IL www.wcpt850.com
KPOJ 620 AM Portland OR www.620kpoj.com
WXXM 92.1 FM Madison WI www.themic921.com
WAAW 94.7 FM (Early June) Augusta GA www.rejoiceradio.com

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