June 20, 2007

Crowds Surpass Expectations in South Carolina

The Obama volunteers in So. Carolina got a nice surprise

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Obama Team Proud Of Crowds

After all my years in South Carolina, I never would have thought we could assemble 3,500 Barack Obama supporters on a Friday afternoon in Greenville.

With a candidate like Barack Obama, large turnouts at events can be expected, but the number of you who came out to support the Senator last Friday exceeded even our most optimistic expectations of Upstate support.

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Even more telling than the size of the crowd, though, was how it came together.

While the campaign might have hung the flag and set-up the chairs, it was supporters like you -- supporters who talked to their friends, emailed their family and promoted the event at weekly religious services -- who laid the groundwork for such an incredible event.

In a part of the state that's not known as a Democratic stronghold, 3,500 people rallied in support of Barack because of your efforts. Together, we showed the entire country that South Carolina is ready to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.

Want to revisit Friday's rally or didn't get a chance to join us? Be sure to take a look at the videos of the event that are already available online.

Also, take a moment to check out the video of the important policy speech about fatherhood, family and economic opportunity that Senator Obama made at an earlier stop Friday at Spartanburg's Mt. Moriah Baptist Church.

The best news is that last week's trip certainly won't be the Senator's last to the Upstate or South Carolina. Barack will be back, and if the crowd we saw at last week's rally is any indication, we're sure his next visit will be another important step towards building a movement to change this country.

Thanks for all you do,

Stacey Brayboy
South Carolina State Director
Obama for America

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